Safety Measures To Take When Watching Space X Launches

Did you know? When Space X launched its Falcon 9 rocket carrying Taiwan’s Formosat-5 Earth-observation satellite on 24 August 2017 at Vandenberg Air Force in California, the launch generated a record-breaking shockwave.

You will be surprised.

According to Dr. Charles Lin (Geophysicist) at the National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan, the shockwave was 4 times larger than the state of California.

Of course, the waves themselves are invisible to the naked eye, but the shockwave can be mapped analyzing GPS data.

The wave in fact punctured a hole in the Earth’s ionosphere, the Earth’s upper atmosphere that extends from about 75 to 1,000 km (altitude).

Interesting to note, the ionospheric disturbance caused by the Falcon 9 launch can mess up GPS signals.

In fact, there was a navigation error of 1 meter in the rocket’s trajectory.

It’s important to keep in mind how dangerous watching these launches are.

It’s only the distance that’s keeping you safe from severely injuring yourself.

A blast indeed can definitely kill you. Yes, but it is only lethal in a “shorter” range. Again, this is relative to how powerful the explosion is.

You however might be stronger than you actually think.

A building can be destroyed by 5 psi overpressure, while a human being can withstand up to 45 psi and survive.

A 5 psi blast overpressure will rupture eardrums in about 1% of subjects, and a 45 psi overpressure will cause eardrum rupture in about 99% of all subjects.

The threshold for lung damage occurs at about 15 psi blast overpressure. A 35-45 psi overpressure may cause 1% fatalities, and 55 to 65 psi overpressure may cause 99% fatalities. (Glasstone and Dolan, 1977; TM 5-1300, 1990)”

However, do note that human beings are able to survive 45 psi overpresure b/c high explosives create very high overpressure for a very short duration.

If however the duration lasted seconds instead of milliseconds, humans wouldn’t survive.

Knowing the dangers of blast waves, it is important to watch Space X launches from a safe distance.

I’ve personally seen people fall off their chair due to the blast-wave, succumbing to minor injuries.

Falling isn’t a joke. You can easily chip your tooth during a fall, requiring an emergency dental treatment and repair.

If you ever fall over during a Space X launch, you want to visit your local oak ridges dentist.

They perform the necessary dental procedure you need to recover.

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Remember, if you leave it unattended, you are risking further damage and possibly an infection.

Don’t wait. You will be compromising a chance for a full recovery.

Visit your local dentist as soon as possible.

If your teeth chips, take acetaminophen to ease the pain, and bite on a towel until you get to your nearest local dentist.

You will most likely undergo dental filling or bonding procedure. Filling is a much simpler procedure than bonding.

Again, safety is first. Enjoy the many Space X launches that will come with safety and big smiles.